iPhone Dropped in Water

Well, the inevitable happened….my iPhone 4 was in my back pocket and decided to take a back flip into the…..TOILET! Yup. I couldn’t believe it.  Of course I panicked, and didn’t think twice about going in after it (thank God it was ‘clean’ water).  But here’s the best part…after drying it out over the weekend, IT WORKS! And for those of you wondering, yes my warranty is VERY voided because every liquid sensor on the phone inside and out is PINK.

Even Apple Geniuses are surprised, apparently there is only about a 5% chance they will work after being submerged in water.  So what did I do you wonder…really pretty simple but it’s all about patience!

iphone dropped in toilet1. I immediately removed the phone from the toilet, shook it and dried it with a towel.

2. I turned it OFF by pressing both the home button and the top power button at the same time until it powered off. I had to do it this way because the touch screen was not working to slide the power off. DO NOT POWER IT BACK ON for a few days as you could cause it to short out.

3. I washed my hands and threw the towel in the dirty clothes hamper.

4. I then took my blow dryer and dried it as much as possible for about 5 minutes (on low heat with the cool button pressed).  I focused mostly on the bottom area where it charges and where water can enter.

5. I filled a ziploc bag with uncooked rice and tossed my phone in the rice and closed it up.

6. I waited.

7. I waited.

8. I waited.

9. Thank God it happened on a Friday afternoon because I couldn’t have imagined living two workdays without it!

10. Monday morning, I turned it on! It worked!!!!!!!!!

11. There was obvious liquid behind the screen so I turned it back off.

12. I then propped it up, upside down,  at about a 45 degree angle on a book and pointed a desktop fan at it on high. The fan was blowing right into the bottom where you plug it in to charge.  I did this for about 3 hours.

13. I powered it up again and VOILA! no water spots.

14. It has been over a week and so far it is still working.

Now will this work for everyone? Not a clue! Did I do what I should have? Not a clue. But it worked and that’s all that matters to me.  If you’ve experienced the same horrific experience, I certainly hope you have similar results.

I absolutely love APPLE products. There is no way any other phone would have held up.  And the best part is hopefully, my iPhone 4 will hold out long enough for the release of the iPhone 5 :) facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

  • jim mcmullin

    thanks for your advice i did the exact same thing it was in water for about 2-3 seconds plus i had the otter cover on it well see keeping my fingers crossed its my ist smart phone and bought it 35 days ago also i dont have the insurance thanks jim